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Have you ever thought how many bright adventures and discoveries can contain your backyard? While it’s still just a small piece of your property, it can be the whole world in imagination of your children. Parasol Outdoor Furniture is glad to offer a wide range of kids playground products and playground games for kids. All of them are made of 100% of cedar and 100% of fun!

All our products are of bright colors, durable and meet all the strictest norms of personal safety. So while the choice depends on your preferences, you can be confident in quality of any of these sets. We also provide you with all necessary consultations and post-purchase service.

Parasol Outdoor Furniture has been operating on the Middle East market for almost 10 years as a distributor of high-quality outdoor furniture, parasols & shade systems. All our products meet the highest standards of quality and durability and are able to stand the harsh desert weather conditions.

Parasol company offers you a wide range of kids playground made of cedar, which are both look fine and naturally highly weather-resistant. Our wooden playground will serve you long if properly maintained and will give a lot of fun for you and your family. All the swing sets and playsets are modular and can be customized in unlimited combinations, so we can create an unique option just for your mansion.

We can also provide you with sets of different levels, starting from more simple ones to the more sophisticated, equipped with several slides, swings and sliding tubes. All the kids playground and kids outdoor furniture are made of cedar, teak and rattan and are tested in the most harsh weather conditions. After you choose your kids playground, our team delivers it to your place and makes all necessary installations.

We also provide you with the post-purchase service. You just call us, we collect your sets or pieces of furniture, clean it, oil it, repair it if it’s needed, and then bring it back.

We offer 2 series of kids playground: Discovery and Odyssey. Discovery series are more simple, but at the same time it contains all necessary fun-tools which every kids playground should have: different types of slides, swings and small wooden towers. It also has more affordable price. Odyssey is more sophisticated playground type. It is a bit larger, some of them contain more slides options, some of them even have slide-tubes. It could be considered as a more premium option.

Every little kid dreams about having his own personal space - remember yourself, building different types of wooden houses on trees or under the table. That’s why we offer a range of playhouses and kids outdoor furniture. Playhouses imitate different styles of houses, such as Aspen playhouse, Columbus playhouse etc.

We’re also glad to offer you a different types of children outdoor furniture, where they can play different outdoor games for kids, rest, eat and and have fun. Kids outdoor furniture will let your children play, eat or make a perfect garden party.


It’s so important to bring our kids out of home, especially in our so called “digital age”, when sometimes they spend more time online than in real life. Our goal is to take families back to those happy times when playtime still involved fresh air, friendship, exercises and imagination. Choosing one of the kids playground you can be sure in bringing a new level of fun for your kids. Also it may strengthen your relationships: having common fun and playing together with your kids can become a stronghold of your mutual trust for all the entire life. Don’t underestimate the importance of those happy moments spent together.

All the kids playground are made of cedar, teak or rattan and are able to stand the harsh weather conditions in UAE and the Middle East. Also all of them meet the strictest safety norms. So you can let your kids play there and don’t worry about them. We are proud to represent different kinds of kids playsets: Discovery and Odyssey.

If you need more information about any of kids playground or outdoor games for kids, please feel free to contact us or better visit our showroom near Mall of the Emirates. We’ll be always glad to help and provide you with our best advice.


Kids Playhouses are just other sources for fun and happiness for your kids. All children like to consider themselves as adults. So you can give them a possibility to feel themselves owners and masters of their own houses or even king and queens of their own kingdoms.

Our kids playhouses are of different styles - some of them look like small summer-houses, some of them are more like highlander’s huts. You can choose from whole variety of different styles and forms.

All outdoor playhouses for kids are made of cedar and all of them meet the strictest norms of safety. Also their materials allow them stand the toughest weather conditions. You can put all kids outdoor wooden playhouses into your backyard or personal garden where your kids can always play different games, take in their guests, have a rest or just feel themselves on their own territory.

We are glad to offer you following kinds of kids playhouses: Aspen Playhouse, Columpus Playhouse, Cosy Playhouse, Summer Cottage Playhouse etc. Our collection updates from time to time. Visit our showroom near Mall of the Emirates to see the latest kids outdoor wooden playhouses and get all necessary consultations from our experts.

10' x 12' PERGOLA

Pergolas from Parasol provide you with unparalleled comfort even during the hottest months of harsh Dubai summer. We are glad to offer you a wide range of backyard outdoor furniture and wooden constructions for your patio where you have rest, have an outdoor party with your friends or just enjoy a cup of cold tea and your favorite book during pleasant summer evenings.

What can be better than take a sit in the deep of your garden after hot and busy summer day? Only taking a sit inside one of our pergolas. Their roofs aren’t solid and have big apertures for ventilation, which are also perfect for staring at the stars during long romantic evenings. But during hot days they are just perfect for creating a necessary shade.

Our sets of backyard furniture aren’t limited by pergolas only. We also can offer you a range of benches, picnic tables, so called vertical gardens sets, even basketball rings and dog’s cottages. We can help you turn your garden into the favorite room in your house - the one with flowers, birds and sky instead of a ceiling.

For more consultations or taking a look at our latest updates please visit us at our flagman showroom, located close to Mall of the Emirates. We’ll do our best to make you feel happy in your favorite home garden.


For more consultations or taking a look at our latest updates please visit us at our flagman PARASOL FURNITURE SHOWROOM, located close to Mall of the Emirates. We’ll do our best to make you feel happy in your favorite home garden.

You can also choose outdoor furniture, parasols or shade systems for your garden, pool, private beach or even business from our wide range of products.
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